вторник, 27 августа 2013 г.

ENS Amithaera is one of nearly two-hundred and fifty ODYSSEY-class cruisers currently in service with the United Earth Navy. Each ODYSSEY-class starship-of-war is named after a famous pre-Diaspora space mission (eg. ENS Sputnik; ENS Telstar), a famous pre-Diaspora space explorer (eg. ENS Tereshkova; ENS Shepard), or a character or location from Classical myth (eg. ENS Deucalion, ENS Cithaeron). ENS Amithaera is named for a Classical dryad.

Amithaera is one of the most capable starships-of-war ever fielded by any navy in the Diaspora Humanarum, capable of dominating an entire stellar system with her weapons, including Athene multi-vector anti-shipping missiles and a 40-gun kinetic broadside; she can also command the orbital heights of a planetary body with her small craft, including Angel gunboats, Jay space superiority strikers and Amphithere anti-shipping strikers, and conduct operations on planetary surfaces with her 252 embarked Legionnaires.
Ояебундестаг. Всего, всего и побольше на один и тот же корабль! Еще, еще больше! И да, spaceship, но naval – подземные глубоководные танкисты наше все!

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